The latest UX design stats are in for 2020 and this is what they show:


  •  Two out of three people prefer to browse through a beautifully designed website.
  •  75% of people form their opinion of a website based on its aesthetics.
  •  81% of customers search online before they make a purchase in a physical store.
  • The average time between a product search and an online purchase is 20 days, 26 for Amazon.
  • In 2018, 29% of Gen Z customers say they have ordered groceries online.
  • Only 9.6% of Gen Z shoppers say they purchase products in physical stores.
  • 35% of all product searches on Google end up in a bank transaction within 5 days.
  • 40% of transactions are done via a mobile device.
  • 73% of companies invest in design to differentiate their brand from the competition.
  • 94% of all first impressions on a website are design-related.
  • 38% of people will stop visiting a website if its design is sloppy and unattractive.
  • When visiting a website, users decide in 10 seconds or less whether they trust your company, based on the design of your website.
  • 47% of users expect websites to load in less than 2 seconds.
    (Source: Blue Corona)
  • Users scan the content of a website and in 2.6 seconds they create their first impression on the most interesting section of the layout.
  • 70% of users have abandoned their shopping carts because of poor user experience.
  • 90% of smartphone users say they’d continue to shop at a particular site if their user experience is good.
  • UX investment can have a 100% ROI.
    88% of users will never return to a website after a poor user experience.
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