Google Ads Pay Per Click (PPC) Marketing

 Small Business Vision takes care of everything you need to successfully get found in Google. Google Ads is a shot in the arm and can get you up to the top of Google pretty much straight away. We’ll review tons of data to find your most effective keywords and comb through every detail to optimize your advertising dollar and improve ROI. At Small Business Vision, we’re not happy unless you’re receiving the best possible return on your advertising spend. 

Client Example - Financial Industry

Small Business Vision were tasked with taking over this accounting client’s Google Ads account. We were responsible for setting up new campaigns as well as management and reporting of results. 

How does Google Ads Work?

Through clickable text ads at the top of search engine results pages and product listings in Google Shopping, Google Ads connects billions of potential customers to products and services. The system has an auction-like format, although the highest bidder isn’t necessarily the winner because success hinges on how well your ad copy matches with the user’s intent and how quickly and easily they can find you. Rather than bidding on a frequency or number of users your ad gets shown to, you’re bidding on a specific keyword and only pay whenever someone clicks. Your advertising expense is based on how much Google has valued that keyword at. The more niche the keyword is, the lower the value is likely to be. Keywords with a great deal of competition for that top ranking will cost more.

Some of our Valued Clients

Let’s get more leads from Google, together.

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